Statement of Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Occupational Safety and Health Policy & Environmental Protection Policy & Green Product Policy Statements

Kentec, Inc., located in Chungli Industrial District, specializes in professional electronics manufacturing service. It is our responsibility to ensure occupational safety, employee wellbeing, protecting the environment, and reducing energy consumption and waste. Therefore, all activities within the company take the above into consideration. Kentec takes necessary precautions to minimize the occurrence of occupational hazards and pollution to the environment, and actualize occupational safety and environmental protection. We are committed to

  1. Follow occupational safety, health, and environmental protection codes:
    Follow and comply with applicable company's occupational safety, health, and environmental protection codes and other requirements.
  2. Implement occupational safety, health, and environmental protection trainings and raise awareness:
    Implement the concept of occupational safety, health, and environmental protection into the training of employees; promote the work safety, health and environmental protection activities, and implement them in the daily business operations.
  3. Promote environmental protection, occupational hazard and injury prevention, and strengthen health management:
    To promote a healthy workplace in the spirit of "continuous improvement" in line with policy expectations, plan and promote environmental protection and prevent occupational disasters and injuries.
  4. Create communication channels and emphasize occupational safety, health, and environmental protection subjects:
    In order to establish a good image, convey our occupational safety, health, and environmental protection policies to employees, surronding industrial zone manufactures, and related business groups.
  5. Process improvement and green production:
    Through process improvement and restricted environmental material management to meet customer requirements.